Ifiddle magazine interview excerpt


The following is an excerpt from an interview with Jesse for Ifiddle Magazine. The full interview can be accessed at ifiddlemag.com

Mike: What does music do for you personally?

Jesse: For me, right now, it's basically my career. Well, there's still so much mystery, and I think so much to discover in music, and that's really what I've been interested in the most.

Mike: Do you come from a classical background?

Jesse: No. I started out always from a fiddle background, and I only had a really short period of classical instruction, so I haven't played much classical music at all. You asked me earlier about how much I time practiced growing up. I would say probably about an hour a day, most of the time. That was probably my average. It was a really fluctuating pattern. One day I'd probably practice a lot more, and another day, not so much.

Mike: That brings me to this question, what do you think the difference is between talent and skill?

Jesse: Talent and skill? Well, see, I think right there, I don't know if we understand them well enough yet, because I think talent is something that people usually say is something that has naturally developed, whereas skill is something that you probably work at. It takes quite a lot of time to develop. Whereas with talent, it's something that people say is naturally developed. I'm not so sure about that. I think people who are talented at something probably had early exposure to it, and so then they were able to more quickly absorb the information. I think the more we find out about it, the more we can define it.





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